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An environmentally conscious painter living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rachel Forrest grew up in rural Oklahoma where she developed a great appreciation for nature, spending ample time at her family’s farmland. As a young girl she expressed her love of nature through art. She developed her observational skills and artistic talent nurtured by her family and teachers, and before attending university was fortunate to be mentored by Kathleen Blake, a well known artist in Oklahoma.


Forrest received two BFAs in Painting and Art History from the University of Kansas. She studied abroad at the Marchutz School of Art in Aix-en-Provence, France, and attended printmaking workshops from Ron Pokrasso in Santa Fe, New Mexico. After graduating university, Forrest worked as a studio assistant for Carol Ann Carter and more recently has been showing her art in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, after a number of hardships including surviving breast cancer, Rachel realized she has more than one passion--and also loves helping animals. Therefore, she is currently pursuing another dream to become a registered veterinary technician.  


From the modernist landscapes of Cezanne to the contemporary artwork of surrealists from Australia, Forrest continually feeds her mind with artwork from every corner of the world. This variety of influence leads her to treat each piece as unique and special, injecting strong conceptual elements in the creation process. The images she creates often become surreal with unexpected combinations of symbols and shapes, interwoven with alluring colors. Forrest regularly draws inspiration from her love of nature as an escape from the crowds of the Bay Area, or conversely to criticize the human impact on the environment. In the past year Forrest's work has taken a more personal tone as a young cancer survivor, creating artwork that is meditative and cathartic.





BFA Visual Art (Painting) (Magna Cum Laude)

BFA History of Art (Magna Cum Laude)

Minor in French Language

MARCHUTZ SCHOOL OF ART, Institute for American Universities, Aix-en-Provence, France.





FIVE 3 GALLERY, Laguna Beach, California


CAFFE FRASCATI, Antscapes, San Jose, CA 2019-2020

KANSAS UNION GALLERY, Still Scenes, Lawrence, KS  2014


THE BOURGEOIS PIG, Still Scenes, Lawrence, KS 2014


FIVE BAR, From France to Kansas, Lawrence, KS  2013





D'ART CENTER, Divulge, Norfolk, VA 2020

WORKS/SAN JOSE, For Mr. Floyd, Ms. Taylor..., San Jose, CA 2020

TRITON MUSEUM OF ART, Covid-19: Life in a Pandemic, San Jose, CA 2020

SPENCER MUSEUM OF ART, Connection/Misconnection, Lawrence, KS  2012

BG GALLERY, Spectrum Gestalt Projects, Santa Monica, CA, 2018

ARC GALLERY, Impulse, San Francisco, CA  2016

LEEDY-VOULKOS ART CENTER, Divine, Kansas City, MO  2014


WORKS/SAN JOSE, Anti-Valentine Show, San Jose, CA 2018

WORKS/SAN JOSE, Alternative Facts, Taking Liberties & Annual Auction, San Jose, CA 2017

LOCAL COLOR ART STUDIOS, Earth Day Art Show, San Jose, CA  2017

SUNNYVALE ART GALLERY, Final Show, Sunnyvale, CA  2016

SJ FORAGER, Land/escapes, San Jose, CA  2016

ARTILLERY A.G. GALLERY, The Mission District, San Francisco, CA,  2015


2016 MAIN GALLERY, Exhibition with artists of Seedco Studio, Kansas City, MO  2014


SAVAGE ART GALLERY, Something Red, Tulsa, OK  2012


PHOENIX GALLERY, Sublime, Lawrence, KS  2014


STUDIO BONGIORNO, The Art of Politics, Santa Clara, CA  2016


SEEDCO STUDIOS, Lost and Found, Lawrence, KS  2014


BUTTONWOOD ART SPACE, Visions of the Flint Hills, Kansas City, MO  2014


ART AND DESIGN GALLERY, Graduate Exhibition, University of Kansas  2014          


(3) ART AND DESIGN GALLERY, Scholarship Show, University of Kansas 2012-2014


MARCHUTZ SCHOOL OF ART, Final Exhibition, Aix-en-Provence, France  2013


CLUB 115, RAW OKC, semi-finalist for artist of the year, Oklahoma City, OK  2012


RAW OKC, July showcase, Oklahoma City, OK  2012


BENEFIT ART AUCTION FOR ZACHARY GRAAS, Pachamama’s, organization and curation of event  2012





AWARD OF MERIT from Janet-Davidson Hues for Remember that you are from Dust, and to Dust you shall Return


AWARD OF MERIT from Marilyn Stokstad for Untitled Still Life   


ARTIST RESIDENCY at the Homestead National Monument of America in Beatrice, Nebraska 2014

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