An environmentalist painter living in the Bay Area, California, Rachel grew up spending a significant amount of her time exploring nature in Oklahoma. This appreciation of the more natural side of our planet in stark contrast with the city where she currently lives, drives Rachel to bring importance to those less celebrated: flora and fauna. In a world where people are increasingly self-centered, she paints portraits of fruits, rocks, plants, the earth itself (dirt) in a surreal way that exalts what has equal (or more) importance to human beings. 


Rachel is greatly influenced by Paul Cezanne and Georgia O’Keefe, to name two. She studied art and the French language at the Marchutz School in Aix-en-Provence, France, where Cezanne lived and worked. She also worked as a studio assistant for Carol Ann Carter, her painting professor at the University of Kansas. Rachel currently lives in San Jose, California and exhibits in the bay area.

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