Forrest Still Life I
Forrest Still Life II
Forrest Still Life III
Forrest Still Life IV
Clock I
Clock II
Clock III
Blind Contour I
Blind Contour II
Grandpa's Bust (red)
Grandpa's Bust (yellow)
Grandpa's Bust (white)
Bust, Diptych
360 Bust I
360 Bust II
360 Bust (green)
Redwood Roots
Dreamscape (detail)
Venus Born Amongst Personal Knitters I
Venus Born Among Personal Knitters II
Venus Born Among Personal Knitters III
Cow Skull
Hand and Moon
Twigs and Strings
Hills, Homes II
Hills, Homes I
Separated by Force I
Separated by Force II
Separated by Force VI
Spring Shower
Lost in Translation II
Lost in Translation
Self Portrait

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