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The Air and Child
Mountains of Stone
Breaking Down
Discarded Mountains
Seeds and Roots
Ash Tree, Late Morning
What the Heart Wants
Compost Pile
Lost in the Abyss
Beach Poetry
Drought Stricken
Antscape (beige)
Succulent Flower Canopy
A Stony Bed
Fall Variety
A Thousand Years Later
Preserved Bloom
Antscape (Gold)
After the Fall
Under the Ice
Fragile Limbs
Quarantine Items
Eucalyptus & Bottles
Nature Morte, Vivant
Still Life in a Sink
Quail Hollow
Lake Elizabeth
Lake Elizabeth
For the Planet
Rock Formations II
Where Cezanne Hasn't Been (gesture)
Mystery Building, Venice (night)
Le Chemin
What Could Have Been
Distant Paths
Hills, Homes
Hills, Homes I
Eagle Eye
Spring Shower
Distant Mountain
Gravel Mountains
Nebraska Sky
Misty Mountain
Smoky Sunset Lake Tahoe
Le Jardin
Lake's Edge
Living Sacrifice
The Dead Cannot Cry Out for Justice
Death is No Stranger to Life
Remember that You Are from Dust and to Dust You Shall Return
An Out of Body Experience
Potato & Man
Lost in Translation
Lost in the Prairie
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